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innovation + leadership for a resilient, ecological future


- Rachel Charles
Committee to Elect Mark Charles for President 2020



Zero Waste Urban Planner and Strategist

It is time for a new way of being and living. We must learn to live harmoniously and restoratively within Earth's limits. I believe it is possible if we are open to letting go, learning, simplifying, and working together in this process.


I am a zero-waste climate emergency urbanist and entrepreneur specializing in sustainability, circular economy, upstream waste prevention, systems development, and organizational leadership.


Since 2008, my work has focused on the intersection of urban planning, public health, and social equity. I have conducted international waste and sanitation research, helped clients reduce their consumption and waste mindfully, and more recently, designed and founded EarthEx, an ecological waste prevention business model that is replicable and adaptable to communities worldwide. 

I hold a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California Los Angeles, a B.A. of Architecture from Barnard College of Columbia University, and studied sustainable business at Presidio Graduate School. 

I am available to consult and speak on sustainable business and communications strategy, plastics and consumption reduction, waste prevention, and the future of modern ecological living for groups of all ages and demographics.

Hablo español. Falo português.

Connect and follow! We can only do this together. 


"We are called to be architects of the future,
not its victims."

R. Buckminster Fuller



Work with me. Let´s reimagine, redesign, and rebuild.

All services are available to clients internationally.


Ethical, ecological living is possible. |  Reimagine. Redesign. Rebuild.


EarthEx is a zero-waste, zero-emissions packaging, shipping, and delivery network on a mission to collectivize circularity by 2030.

EarthEx provides ecological packaging alternatives to eliminate single-use and resource-intensive plastic and paperboard packaging across a variety of industries and uses.

Our accessible container reuse system empowers people, small businesses, and companies to rent and return our ecological containers made from stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and mycelium.

Earthex bridges the latest in cleantech, materials innovation, and conscious consumer choice to close the waste loop once and for all.


Investment opportunities are available. Contact us to learn more.


"Evelyn’s high level of articulation and eloquence, along with her empathy and ability to form meaningful connection were a great asset to the team when dealing with a real-life client. Additionally, her strong writing skills, keen eye for detail, and genuine care were integral to the success of our project."

- Shayne Kao
Sustainability MBA, Presidio Graduate School

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